Kashmir: A Heaven on Earth

Explore Tourist Places in Kashmir, for a Wonderful Trip

Tourist destinations in Kashmir are truly heaven on earth. One of the most attractive travel destinations in the world is Kashmir. Though its mountains are stunning throughout the day, they are even more stunning and magnificent at sunrise and sunset.

There are several tourist destinations in Kashmir but the two most famous are the historic Red Fort (Chak Fort) and the Black Fort which are located in Muzaffarabad on the banks of the Neelam River. They are of archaeological importance and were created in the 16th century. The resort of Pir Chinasi is situated on hills at 9,500 feet, 30 kilometers east of Muzaffarabad (2,900 m). The top of the mountain has gained widespread fame as the Ziyarat residence of the famous Saint Pir, and travelers flock to this spot to enjoy the magnificent views of Muzaffarabad and the surrounding agricultural areas.

Neelam Valley is a long river of scenic beauty, magnificent views, high hills on either side of the raging river, lush green forests, beautiful streams, and beautiful surroundings. The Leepa Valley, another major river, is also full of breathtaking natural beauty. It has high mountains covered with pine trees that are covered with snow in winter.

The top attractions in Kashmir are as follows:

1. Neelum Valley

Kashmir tourist places must be captivating. Without a doubt, this one. Greenery and azure waters are as beautiful as they come. This is a lovely gift from God to humanity that is happily found in Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir. Neelum Valley is a top destination in Pakistan, according to everyone who lists them. It ranks among the top tourist destinations due to its abundance of small towns and villages, lakes, hiking trails, mountain passes, and other fantastic highlights.

2. Rawalakot

A well-known town in Azad Kashmir that serves as Poonch’s district seat. An alluring valley amid high hills, located about 80 kilometers away from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You can easily reach the area and make the most of it if you are in the capital. Summer season favors unfolding the ravishing beauty of Rawalakot. To navigate this region, you must stop by the nearby Tatta Pani, Sudhngalli, and Toli Pir tourist sites.

3. Banjosa Lake

If you are familiar with Rawalkot, you will certainly find this location. In a perfect world, this would be the area with the most vegetation. With some red contouring, the color green predominates in this region. Tall woods cover a wide region beyond a clean lake. Due to the pleasant weather, which rarely reaches 25°C, you often need to go there in the summer. While summer might be quite nice, winter can be dreadfully cold and is completely covered with snow. It would be nice to have those pictures on your camera. When fall is almost around the corner, Banjosa is awash in hues of gold and reddish brown.

4. Jhelum Valley

In the summer, a large number of domestic and foreign tourists congregate in this particular valley in Azad Kashmir. The curving river that flows from East to West between the enormous mountains is a natural wonder that people seem to find fascinating. One of the well-known attractions in Kashmir that people wish to see is the area known as “Leepa Valley” in Jhelum.

Ripe rice fields come into full bloom in the summer, and the modern wooden homes of the locals offer a gorgeous scene. The Jhelum Valley in Azad Kashmir is the only place where you can find cherries as you’ve never tasted them before, people the size of you’ve never seen them before, and walnuts, oh that cracking walnut is a treat you can only get there.

5. Ramkot Fort

This breathtaking land rises on an incline, flanked by the River Jhelum, and is among the popular Kashmir tourist places. Ramkot Fort, which is no longer a stronghold, has modern Muslim military architecture. The history of this fort dates back to the 5th and 9th centuries, and remnants from those eras were found and demolished by Muslim rulers in the 17th century. For those with a wanderlust, this region lays the groundwork for excitement.

6. Toli Pir

Look at it, please! Just consider how far it reaches. It appears to have every type of green space you might desire for tourism in Kashmir. If you travel to Rawalkot, you will learn about this famous peak, or if you are not already aware of it, you will find out about it while you are there. Despite being 8800 feet above sea level, this summit makes you feel as though you are on top of the world.

Travel to Toli Pir in the final weeks of Spring while the weather is still pleasant. It spends the remaining months relaxing because of its high altitude. Additionally, it is generally advised to travel between April and October in order to fully explore the area.

7. Pir Chinasi

This region is one of Pakistan’s most popular attractions in Kashmir and is located in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir. Exploring Pir Chinsai is a breathtaking experience. For the sake of both your patience and your safety, you are running. Despite its appealing setting, you must always move around with extreme caution.

Your introduction to Hazrat Shah Hussain, a Greater Kashmiri Saint, whose Shrine is essentially situated in this region, would be through its history. Every part of this region emanated a cutting-edge nature of brilliance. The lush vegetation is what draws visitors from all around Pakistan. Pine and oak trees that encircle the area bloom in the summer and are covered in snow in the winter.

8. Red Fort

It is regarded as one of the forts in Pakistan that you really must see. It is a top destination for archaeologists and tourism enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about the past of this area.

Although it has survived numerous catastrophes and may currently be considered a ruin, it may use some renovation. However, this place is a fantastic piece of art. Do not be confused; it is also known as Muzaffarabad Fort. This area is a well-known heritage site in Azad Kashmir, and numerous foreign tourists have visited it as well.

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The stunning Banjosa Lake, which is surrounded by mountains and a dense pine forest, is one of the wonderful Kashmir tourist places. A very natural and lovely spot is the nearby mountaintop Toli Pir.

The Kashmir Valley is renowned for its beauty and allure throughout the world. In the Himalayas, Kashmir’s emerald valley is nestled amid snow-covered peaks and is surrounded by clear skies. It is a magical place with silvery rivers, streams, freshwater lakes, forests of pine, deodar, and chinar, snow-covered mountains, beautiful waterfalls, shikaras, verdant meadows, and grassy slopes covered in flowers of brilliant hues. Summer is the ideal season to visit Kashmir.

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Enjoy Tourism in Kashmir

Valley has four distinct seasons, each with its own personality and alluring appeal. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are these. West of Jammu and Kashmir, which is controlled by India, is Kashmir, which is under Pakistani authority.

Azad Kashmir is renowned for its expansive valleys and tall, lush green mountain ranges. There are many chances for outdoor enjoyment there. Its diversified mountainous scenery ranges from low hills to high mountains (between 2000 and 6000 m). It is ideal for a variety of adventure sports, including paragliding, climbing, trekking, and mountaineering.

Azad Kashmir is one of the most attractive regions in the Subcontinent, with friendly people. It has lush, fertile, and picturesque mountain valleys. While Azad Kashmir is also rich in natural beauty and is sometimes referred to by tourism in Kashmir as “Heaven on Earth” for its picturesque natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, Kashmir as a whole is unquestionably one of the most beautiful locations in the world. With its arctic tropical climate, forests, rivers, streams, valleys, velvet green plateaus, and snow-covered summits, it is a fantastic and well-liked tourism destination all year round for both domestic and foreign visitors.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir commonly referred to as “paradise on earth,” is a region rich in fertile plains, mighty mountains, and roaring rivers. Attractions in Kashmir, include Ganga Choti, the Neelum River, Banjosa Lake, Peer Chanasi, Mangla Dam, Tolipeer, and numerous others. Every year, visitors from various parts of Pakistan flock to these locations.

Discover the Best Tourist Attractions in Kashmir to make your Trip a Memorable one

Kashmir is incredibly alluring with its sparkling cool water, soft breezes, kind sun, bubbling springs, freshwater lakes, and snow-capped mountains. These are some attractions in Kashmir.

The altitude has an impact on Azad Kashmir’s climate. While Azad Kashmir’s southern regions get extremely hot summers and only moderately cold winters, the center. Northern regions, which are hilly and located in the lower Himalayas zone, experience very cold winters with snowfall and moderate summers. Azad Kashmir experiences both winter and summer rainfall.

There is no railroad station in Azad Kashmir because of its challenging geographic location. There are two Airports in Azad Kashmir, one in the capital Muzaffarabad and the other in Rawalakot, however, they are both closed, making it impossible to fly there directly. Islamabad and Rawalpindi both have international airports close by.

Although driving by road is the only way to reach Azad Kashmir, doing so in Kashmir is itself an attraction in Kashmir. As you pass by some of the most breathtaking views of hills and flowing rivers. Practically, Azad Kashmir is easily accessible by road from all surrounding Punjabi cities, and buses depart from Islamabad around every 20 minutes for a variety of Azad Kashmiri destinations, but the most popular routes include.

Because of the number of picturesque vistas in the northern region of Azad Kashmir, which includes the lower Himalayas, it is a particularly popular summertime vacation destination.

Tourists flock to Kashmir because of its stunning scenery and healthy climate, which have earned it the nickname “Tourists Paradise.” With its lakes and mountains, lavish chinars and tall, lean poplars, delectable fruits, historic landmarks, calm rivers and whispering streams teeming with Himalayan trout, and a host of other numerous attractions in Kashmir. It is a natural wonderland.


The Valley is a haven of rest and relaxation for stressed and weary souls as well as a pleasure garden for couples, a sports enthusiast’s playground, an ideal health resort, and a place to play and indulge one’s passions.

As a vacation destination, Kashmir has another allure: In addition to the wide range of fruits and flowers, sights and scenery, and the variety of climates that its hills and meadows offer, there are several options for games and sports. One can go boating, skiing, skating, mountaineering, horseback riding, and other activities. Fishing, wild animal hunting, bird hunting, duck shooting, and other sports are available. There are numerous Kashmir tourist places, that draw visitors from distant locations.

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