The best of tourist Places in Naran

The Best of Tourist Places in Naran

Astonishing places in Naran with best Tour Packages

We have several top-notch Naran Kaghan tour packages available so you can take the lovely journey at a reasonable price. The drive to Naran tourist places has a lovely effect on its guests’ hearts with some stunning Himalayan Mountain views. All the way to the Naran Valley in Kaghan, the route travels via stunning water streams.

This valley is encircled by a dark, dense Alpine forest in the massive, green Himalayan mountains, which adds to the allure of visiting such locations for tourists. There is no denying that the Naran Kaghan valley is home to a variety of stunning and alluring locations.

Join the Naran Tour Packages to explore the stunning and magnificent countryside

Unless you want to experience the various colors of Nature but don’t have much time to travel. Rahgeer offers typical Naran tour packages that allow you to see the majority of the region quickly. One of Pakistan’s most popular tourist destinations is Naran Valley, which offers a variety of attractions.

Because of its beautiful surroundings, Naran is one of the most well-known cities in the nation. Each year, thousands of people, including photographers, tourists, hikers, and environment enthusiasts, travel to this region of Pakistan. Whether you intend to visit this famous location with friends, family, or a special someone, you create many priceless moments here.

Additionally, in terms of budget travel, these Naran Kaghan tour packages are among the top Cheap tours to Naran Kaghan. It offers the ideal opportunity for couples to enjoy the exhilarating Jeep trip to Lake Saif Ul Malook and the thrilling, winding route to Babusar Top’s heights.

Wonderful Naran Tourist Places for Your Next Adventure

Naran Tourist Places are listed below. Two lovely towns, Naran and Kaghan, can be found in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province’s Mansehra District.

Containing stunning scenery and charming locations.  Naran Kaghan Tourist Places have a distinctive appearance from the others. For honeymooners and couples looking to start their lives with fond memories, the idyllic setting in the kingdom of fairies is a compelling location. The ideal location for hiking, fishing, photography, and trekking.

Given that there are so many interesting locations to see during Naran Kaghan tours 2023, tourists find Naran Kaghan to be an intriguing area to visit. The following are some of the best Naran tourist places:

  • Saif ul Malook Lake
  • Lake Lulusar
  • Plateau of Lalazar
  • Top of Babusar (4,173m)
  • Lake Ansoo
  • Batakundi
  • Besal
  • Lake Dudipatsar

Moreover, White Water is One of the finest exciting activities to enjoy while on Naran tour packages with Rahgeer rafting in the river Kunhar of the Naran valley.

  • Saif ul Malook Lake

The imposing Lake Saif ul Malook is at the top of the list and should be visited specifically during the Naran Kaghan tour packages in 2023. One of the most Naran tourist places in the Naran Kaghan region is Lake Saif Ul Malook, which is a prime example of exquisite nature. Saif Ul Malook Lake is about 20 kilometers from the lovely Naran Valley and is situated at an elevation of 3,224 meters (10,499 feet) under the shadow of the formidable Malika Parbat hill. Most of this distance may be traveled within a 30-minute exhilarating jeep ride. Additionally, some people choose to hike to the lake because of the breathtaking vistas it offers. For tourists from Pakistan and other countries, we offer a selection of Naran tour packages.

On the Naran Kaghan excursion, however, lakeside activities are where visitors can have some of the greatest experiences. Malika Parbat can be seen in the background when boating on the lake, or one can take a romantic stroll with their loved one. Additionally, additional visitors can take pleasure in snow sliding on the glaciers around the lake. Many tourists go on camping excursions close to the lake’s bank to experience the Milky Way at night. Rahgeer offers travelers from all over the world inexpensive Naran Kaghan Tour packages in 2023.

A lake called Saiful Malook is located in the midst of mountains that are always covered with snow. Malika Parbat, which is situated to the left of the jheel, is one of the well-known mountains. The name Saifulmalook is taken from a folktale. It tells the tale of a Persian prince who met a fairy princess in a lake and fell in love with her. The beauty of the lake has such a profound effect that many people think fairies visit the lake during full moons. The water is very pure and has a blue hue. It is impossible for someone to stand on it for longer than 30 seconds. Located 8 kilometers north of Naran is Saifulmalook.
Saiful Malook is an hour’s drive from Naran. On the outskirts of town, one can see a number 44 Jeeps. The tourists are transported by these jeeps from Naran Valley to Saiful Malook. Only those jeeps and the local drivers can take you up since the road up is really rocky and there are glaciers all the way up; therefore, people rent those jeeps and travel to Saiful Malook with their families. Some people, especially the young people who hike up to Saiful Malook, prefer trekking to the jeep. Saiful Malook also has eateries and retail establishments. There, horseback riding is popular.

Prince Saif Ul Malook and Fairy Queen Badi Ul Jamal’s love affair made this lake renowned. The prince, who was from Egypt, was said to have traveled to the lake in search of his ideal partner before discovering the Fairy there. With the Giant who had held the Fairy captive for the previous ten years, he fought for her. This lake was given the name Lake Saif Ul Malook for this reason.

  • Ansoo Lake 

For those who enjoy the mountains, Naran kaghan tour packages offer a variety of lovely trekking and hiking locations. One of the most stunning ones is a trip to Ansoo Lake, which is thought to be one of the highest lakes in Naran tourist places and also in the northern region of Pakistan. Ansoo Lake is located at a height of 4,250 m. After a two-hour horse ride to Saif Ul Malook Lake and a one-hour hike to Ansoo Lake, one can get to this magnificent lake through a vehicle ride. The Naran tour packages should include at least one trip to this location.

Ansu is a high-altitude lake with a tear-shaped shape that is close to Malika Parbat. Saif-ul-Malook is the starting point of an 11-kilometer trail that leads there. From early May to late December, the lake is still accessible, however, the beginning and end of the season might be challenging due to bad weather.

  • Lalazar Plateau 

We have one of the most stunning Lalazar meadows in Batakundi in Naran Valley in Naran Kaghan tourist places. The Lalazar plateau, a rich green meadow located around 25 kilometers from Naran Valley, is at an elevation of 3,123 meters (10,246 ft). After a thrilling 30-minute drive along a treacherous stretch of muddy jeep road, one can easily arrive at this location. See For both domestic and international tourists, Rahgeer offers a variety of Naran Kaghan tour packages.

The plateau of Lalazar was formerly renowned for its lovely wildflowers and tranquil pine trees. Despite recent potato and other crop cultivation degrading the natural beauty, Malika Parbat’s verdant meadows still make it a must-visit. Starting from Battakundi, a muddy jeep trail leads to Lalazar after about an hour. Some individuals favor trekking over the jeep. One well-known moderate trip that begins at Lake Saif ul Malook and passes through the lovely Hans Gali concludes in Lalazar.

  • Lulusar Lake 

Lulusar Lake, which is about 30 kilometers from Naran Valley and is located at an elevation of 3,410 meters (11,190 feet), is part of the Naran tourist places. The road leading to this lake in the Lulusar-Duduipatsar National Park is paved and accessible to any type of vehicle. You can also hire a Naran Kaghan Tour to make the journey easier. See For both domestic and international tourists, Rahgeer offers a variety of Naran tour packages. This lake does not allow boats or fishing. Additionally, the river Kunhar receives the majority of its water from this lake. Locals claim that this large lake is allegedly haunted, and as such, boating and fishing are prohibited.

Nobody actually knows if they are haunted or not. Nevertheless, this lake is the largest of the Naran tourist places. So, if you want to see the splendor of this magnificent lake, book one of the Naran kaghan tour packages. With Rahgeer, Naran tour packages are now easier to find.

  • Babusar Top

The highest point of the Naran trip is Babusar pass, which is located at an altitude of 4,173 m (13,700 ft) above sea level. One of the most well-known Naran kaghan tourist places is Babusar Top, which should be seen at least once in a lifetime. In addition, it marks the end of the Naran Valley and the Pakistani region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. One can enter Pakistan’s Gilgit Baltistan region by avoiding this Babusar peak. In Naran tourist places, visitors can take in some serene, mesmerizing views of the Himalayas from the top. Visit Naran Kaghan and take in the breathtaking Babusar Top.

  • Dudipatsar Lake 

Dudipatsar Lake is one of the most stunning locations in the Lulusar Dudipatsar National Park in Naran tourist places. The captivating lake is located 3,800 meters above sea level. After a challenging 3-and-a-half-hour hike commencing from Jalkhad on the Naran Kaghan excursion, one can see this location.

Additionally, due to the surrounding snowy mountains, Dudipatsar means White Mountains Lake. In northern Pakistan, it is sometimes referred to as the Queen of the Lakes. The world has yet to fully explore this lake, and only a small handful of adventurers visit this little corner of heaven each year. However, one should round up their pals and travel to this location with Naran kaghan tour packages.

Explore the Amazing Tourist places in Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan Valley is among Pakistan’s stunning natural wonders. The valley is currently growing in popularity among tourists because of its untamed attractiveness. One of the most incredible experiences in the world is a trip to the Naran Kaghan Valley.

Visit the Naran Kaghan Tourist places to take in the breathtaking valley vista. In 2023, Naran Kaghan would frequently welcome tourists to visit Pakistan. The lovely Naran Valley, a medium-sized city, is situated in the upper parts of the Kagan Valley. For a variety of Naran Kaghan tour packages for both domestic and international tourists, please contact “Rahgeer.”

Additionally, to make traveling easier, the government reduced the distance to Naran Valley by building a new highway. In order to avoid the Abbottabad market’s traffic congestion, the highway is to the Abbottabad right and is currently under development.


“Naran’s natural beauty is unimaginably beautiful. Once a person enters, Naran and Kaghan embrace him in its breathtaking calm while also leaving permanent impressions in their memories. In order to eat his favorite rainbow trout, he had to visit the Saiful Malook and Anso lakes during his trip to Naran and Kaghan, he claimed.

With family and friends, the excitement for the Naran Kaghan Tour increased. Rahgeer offers a selection of Naran tour packages to help you fulfill your vacation aspirations because of this.

Additionally, the northern Pakistani city of Naran Kagan is a stunning tourist destination. The valley of Naran is surrounded by verdant mountains, clear lakes, and meadows. Additionally, Naran Kaghan Tourist places are beautiful in their own right and cannot be compared to others. Furthermore, if you want to experience the natural splendor of northern Pakistan, you must take Naran Kagan’s tour. See Rahgeer offers affordable Naran Kaghan tour packages for tourists who want to visit Naran Kaghan.

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