The best of tourist Places in Naran

Top 8 Famous Tourist Places to visit in Naran Valley of Pakistan


Two charming towns, Naran and Kaghan are located in the Mansehra District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. It offers breathtaking landscapes and fascinating places. The tourist attractions of Naran Kaghan are different from the others. For honeymooners and couples who want to start life with beautiful memories, the idyllic fairytale landscape is an attractive destination. An ideal place for hiking, fishing, photography, and trekking. With so many interesting places to see in Naran Kaghan Tours 2023, tourists will find Naran Kaghan a fascinating region to visit.

With so many interesting places to see in Naran Kaghan Tours 2023, tourists will find Naran Kaghan a fascinating region to visit. The following are some of the best Naran tourist places:

  • Saif ul Malook Lake
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Plateau of Lalazar
  • Babusar Top (4,173m)
  • Ansoo Lake
  • Batakundi
  • Besal
  • Dudipatsar Lake

Moreover, White Water is One of the finest exciting activities to enjoy while on Naran tour packages with Rahgeer rafting in the river Kunhar of the Naran valley.

1. Saif ul Malook Lake

Impressive Lake Saif ul Malook tops the list and is a must-see, especially for Naran Kaghan tour packages in 2023. Ul Malook is an excellent example of exquisite character. Located about 20 kilometers from the alluring Naran Valley, Saif Ul Malook Lake sits at an altitude of 3,224 meters (10,499 feet) in the shadow of the impressive Malika Parbat hill. Most of this route can be covered in a 30-minute jeep ride. Some people also choose to hike the lake for the stunning views. For tourists from Pakistan and other countries, we offer a selection of Naran tour packages.

When visiting Naran Kaghan, however, the lake activities are where visitors can have some of the greatest experiences. Malika Parbat can be seen in the background while boating on the lake or taking a romantic stroll with your loved one. In addition, more tourists can slide on the glacier snow around the lake. Many tourists camp near the lake shore to see the Milky Way at night. Rahgeer offers affordable Naran Kaghan tour packages to travelers from all over the world in 2023.

A lake called Saif ul Malook lies amidst ever-snow-capped mountains. Malika Parbat, which is on the left of Jheel, is one of the famous mountains. The name Saif ul Malook comes from a folk tale. It tells the story of a Persian prince who met a fairytale princess at a lake and fell in love with her. The beauty of the lake has such a profound effect that many people think that fairies visit the lake when the moon is full. The water is very clear and has a blue tinge. No one can stand on it for more than 30 seconds. Saif ul Malook is 8 kilometers north of Naran. Saif ul Malook is an hour’s drive from Naran. Number 44 jeeps stand on the outskirts.

Tourists are transported from Naran Valley to Saif ul Malook in these jeeps. Only these jeeps and local drivers can take you as the road is rocky and there are glaciers on top. Therefore, people rent these jeeps and travel to Saif ul Malook with their families. Some people, especially young people, climbing Saif ul Malook prefer trekking to jeeps. Saif ul Malook also has restaurants and retail outlets. Horseback riding is popular here.

The love story of Prince Saif Ul Malook and Fairy Queen Badi Ul Jamal made this lake famous. It is said that the prince who came from Egypt went to the lake in search of the perfect mate before he discovered the fairy there. Together with the giant who had held the fairy captive for the last ten years, he had fought for her. For this reason, the lake was named Lake Saif Ul Malook.

2. Ansoo Lake

For mountain lovers, Naran Kaghan packages offer a variety of beautiful trekking and hiking spots. One of the most beautiful is a trip to Lake Ansoo, which is considered one of the highest lakes in Naran tourist destinations, as well as to the northern region of Pakistan. Ansoo Lake is at an altitude of 4,250m. After a 2-hour horseback ride to Saif Ul Malook Lake and a 1-hour hike to Ansoo Lake, this beautiful lake is accessible by car. Naran Tour packages must include at least one trip to this location.

Ansu is a high-altitude teardrop-shaped lake near Malika Parbat. Saif-ul-Malook is the starting point of the 11 km trail that leads there. The lake is always accessible from the beginning of May to the end of December, but the beginning and end of the season can be difficult due to the weather.

3. Lalazar Plateau 

We have one of the most beautiful Lalazar Meadows in Batakundi in Naran Valley in the tourist spots of Naran Kaghan. The Lalazar Plateau, a lush green grassland located about 25 kilometers from the Naran Valley, sits at an elevation of 3,123 meters (10,246 feet). It is easily accessible after an exhilarating 30-minute jeep ride down a dangerous stretch of the muddy road. For both domestic and international tourists, Rahgeer offers a variety of Naran Kaghan packages.

The Lalazar Plateau was once famous for its beautiful wildflowers and tranquil pines. Despite the recent cultivation of potatoes and other crops detracting from the natural beauty, the green meadows of Maliki Parbat are still a must-see. From Battakundi, a muddy jeep trail takes about an hour to Lalazar. Some people prefer trekking to the jeep. A popular moderate hike that starts at Saif ul Malook lake and takes you through beautiful Hans Gali, ends in Lalazar.

4. Lulusar Lake 

Lulusar Lake, located about 30 kilometers from Naran Valley and at an altitude of 3,410 meters (11,190 feet), is one of the tourist spots in Naran. The road leading to this lake in Lulusar-Duduipatsar National Park is paved and accessible to any vehicle. You can also hire a Naran Kaghan Tour to make your trip easier. For both domestic and international tourists, Rahgeer offers a variety of Naran tour packages. Boating and fishing are not permitted on this lake. The Kunhar River also gets most of its water from this lake. Locals claim that this large lake is said to be haunted and therefore boating and fishing are prohibited.

Nobody knows if they are haunted or not. However, this lake is the biggest tourist spot in Naran. So if you want to see the splendor of this beautiful lake, book one of the Naran Kaghan packages. Thanks to Rahgeer, Naran tour packages are now easier to find.

5. Babusar Top

The highlight of a visit to Naran is Babusar Pass, which is 4,173 m (13,700 ft) above sea level. One of the most popular tourist spots in Naran Kaghan is Babusar Top, which is a must-see at least once in a lifetime. It also marks the end of the Naran Valley and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan. You can enter the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan by avoiding this Babusar peak. In the tourist attractions of Naran, visitors can enjoy a serene and mesmerizing view of the Himalayas from above. Visit Naran Kaghan and see the stunning peak of Babusar.

6. Lake Dudipatsar 

Dudipatsar Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Lulusar Dudipatsar National Park in Naran Resorts. The beautiful lake is at an altitude of 3,800 meters above sea level. After a tiring 3.5-hour walk from Jalkhad while visiting Naran Kaghan you can see the place.

Due to the surrounding snow-capped mountains, Dudipatsar also means Lake of the White Mountains. The world has yet to fully explore this lake and only a handful of adventurers visit this little slice of paradise each year. However, make sure you get your friends together and go to this place with Naran Kaghan tour packages.

Explore the Amazing Tourist places in Naran Kaghan

The valley of Naran Kaghan is one of the natural wonders of Pakistan. Due to its irrepressible attraction, the valley is now enjoying increasing popularity with tourists. One of the most amazing experiences in the world is a journey to the valley of Naran Kaghan.

Visit the tourist attractions of Naran Kaghan to enjoy the stunning views of the valley. In 2023, Naran Kaghan often hosted tourists visiting Pakistan. The charming mid-sized city of Naran Valley is located in the upper reaches of the Kagan Valley. For a variety of Naran Kaghan packages for domestic and international tourists, please contact ‘Rahgeer.”

Also, to facilitate travel, the government has shortened the distance from the Naran Valley by building a new highway.

Best Tour Packages in 2023 to visit Naran Valley

We have several top-notch Naran Kaghan tour packages for 2023 available so you can take the lovely journey at a reasonable price. The drive to Naran tourist places has a lovely effect on its guests’ hearts with some stunning Himalayan mountain views. The route travels to the Naran Valley in Kaghan via stunning water streams.

The green Himalayan forests surrounding this valley add to the attraction of visiting such places for tourists. It is undeniable that Naran Kaghan Valley hosts many beautiful tourist destinations.

Join the Rahgeer to explore the stunning and magnificent countryside

Unless you want to experience the different colors of nature but don’t have much time to travel. Rahgeer offers typical Naran tour packages that allow you to see most of the area quickly. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan is the Naran Valley which offers a variety of activities.

Thanks to its beautiful surroundings, Naran is one of the most popular cities in the country. Every year thousands of people including photographers, tourists, trekkers, and nature lovers visit this region of Pakistan. Whether you visit this famous place with friends, family, or someone special, you create many priceless moments here.

Even when it comes to your travel budget, these Naran Kaghan tour packages are some of the best budget Naran Kaghan tours. It offers couples the perfect opportunity to enjoy an exciting jeep ride to Saif Ul Malook Lake and a winding and thrilling journey to the peaks of Babusar Top.


The natural beauty of Naran is unimaginably beautiful. As soon as someone enters, Naran and Kaghan embrace them with breathtaking serenity, leaving lasting imprints on their memories. He said that to eat his favorite rainbow trout, he must visit Saiful Malook and Ansoo lakes during his trip to Naran and Kaghan.

With family and friends, the excitement of the Naran Kaghan Tour increased. That’s why Rahgeer offers a selection of Naran tour packages to help you fulfill your vacation needs.

The city of Naran Kagan in northern Pakistan is also a great tourist destination. The Naran Valley is surrounded by green mountains, clear lakes, and grasslands. Also, the view of Naran Kaghan is beautiful in its own right and cannot be compared to any other. If you want to experience the natural splendor of northern Pakistan, you must visit Naran Kagan. See Rahgeer offers affordable Naran Kaghan tour packages for tourists who want to visit Naran Kaghan.

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